Service-Oriented doesn't mean Free Labor



***The number one way to locate and maintain a relationship with a service-oriented person is to love them.***

That’s it. It sounds so simple. The reason for this is that service is an act of love that I am sharing with you. Every toilet I scrub…

Black person on Tumblr: "Im finna go apply to this job"

Random user: "Well maybe if you knew how to speak properly you'd already have a job"

Black person: Language is merely a medium in which we communicate in and as such must be fluid in order to remain effective. I use such grammar because it is the easiest for anyone who happens upon my blog to digest and conveys my message in a manner where it cannot be misconstrued. Also, speaking formally in an informal forum gives off an air of superiority and needlessly complicates my message. A key part in oral language is reaching an understanding with your audience so as to keep them engaged and distraction free; imagine if I were to give a speech to 1st graders the way a doctor would speak to a med student, the audience would be bewildered by all the terms and would focus on their lack of understanding the words vs what's being said. In conclusion, this my blog and imma blog how I want

Random User: *deletes post, deletes blog, deletes SSN, cancels cards, starts new identity